You can pull all sorts of high-level data from the SYSMAN views but there’s a group of them with beguiling names and no rows!

SYSMAN.mgmt$db_esm_dbarole should contain a complete list of every oracle account enjoying DBA role.  Mine was empty.

The ESM tables are populated by specific metric collections.

This table (and 37 of its cousins) is populated when you ‘enable’  collection on a group named ‘DBA Group Assignment’.

Here’s how to do it inside a monitoring template:

  1. Open your Monitoring Template from Enterprise|Monitoring
  2. Select Other Collected Items tab
  3. ‘Enable’ and schedule DBA Group Assignment
  4. Click-through to the OK to apply it


You can also do collection at the Database target level:

  1. Open any database’s home page from the console
  2. Under the Database drop-down, select Monitoring | Monitoring Collection Settings
  3. Select the Other Collected Items tab for the database
  4. Enable DBA Group Assignment and schedule it 
  5. Click-through to the OK to apply it

Run this to check your work:

FROM sysman.mgmt$db_esm_dbarole;