My biggest complaint about earlier versions of OEM came from the poor integration of BI Publisher with Enterprise Manager.  The Information Publisher said boldly that I/P will be discontinued in favor of BI Publisher.  That sounded pretty serious so I made the effort to install it.

The installation was difficult, the canned reports were mostly worthless, and the OEM and BI Publisher security models were completely separate.  BI Publisher used the WebLogic security model and you were forced to reproduce the relevant user accounts in the WLS Admin Server console.  That can’t be right!

I shared my frustration with the OEM team at Oracle.  Adeesh Fulay and his staff listened and, with the release of,  they responded with an integration that’s exceeded my expectations in every way.

Before version the BI Publisher installation was a totally separate installation.  You’d download, patch, and install BI Publisher as if it were an independent module on your WLS. It still is, of course, but with the BI Publisher downloads and installs as part of your EM installation – not as an afterthought or bolt-on.

That was a significant move in the right direction.  BI Publisher is still not configured with the rest your vanilla EM installation.   I want to show you how simple the configuration is.   You execute the configureBIP script, provide two passwords, and watch it run for a very few minutes.  Honestly, it’s that simple.

oemdemo.edu:oms \> configureBIP
 Configuring BI Publisher Version "" to work with Enterprise Manager
 Logging started at /orabase/Middleware/oms/cfgtoollogs/bip/bipca_20140726151829.log.
 Before this command is run, a backup of Enterprise Manager should be performed using the :emctl exportconfig oms: command. Have you made a valid backup of Enterprise Manager (yes/no) [no] ? yes
 Enter sysdba user name (sys):sys
 Enter sysdba user password:
 Enter Administration Server user password:
 Configuring BI Publisher in Oracle Home located in /orabase/Middleware/Oracle_BI1 ...
 Processing command line ....
 Repository Creation Utility - Checking Prerequisites
 Checking Global Prerequisites
 Repository Creation Utility - Checking Prerequisites
 Checking Component Prerequisites
 Repository Creation Utility - Creating Tablespaces
 Validating and Creating Tablespaces
 Repository Creation Utility - Create
 Repository Create in progress.
 Percent Complete: 0
 Percent Complete: 10
 Percent Complete: 30
 Percent Complete: 50
 Percent Complete: 50
 Percent Complete: 100
 Repository Creation Utility: Create - Completion Summary
 Database details:
 Connect Descriptor : (DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS_LIST=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=oemdemo.edu)(PORT=1521)))(CONNECT_DATA=(SID=suzy)))
 Connected As : sys
 Prefix for (prefixable) Schema Owners : SYSMAN
 RCU Logfile : /orabase/Middleware/oms/cfgtoollogs/bip/emBIPLATFORM.log
 Component schemas created:
 Component Status Logfile
 Business Intelligence Platform Success /orabase/Middleware/oms/cfgtoollogs/bip/biplatform.log
Repository Creation Utility - Create : Operation Completed
 Successfully created SYSMAN_BIPLATFORM schema...
 Enter an integer between 9701 and 49152 for the BI Publisher HTTP server port. (9701):
 Enter an integer between 9702 and 49152 for the BI Publisher HTTPS server port. (9702):
 Extending domain with BI Publisher. This operations can take some time. Do not interrupt this command while it is running...
 Locking Enterprise Manager ...
 OMS Console is locked. Access the console over HTTPS ports.
 Restart OMS.
 Restarting Enterprise Manager ...
 Stopping Enterprise Manager, this can take some time ...
 Starting Enterprise Manager. This operation can take some time. Do not interrupt this command while it is running.
 OMS Started Successfully
 BI Publisher server named :BIP: running at https://oemdemo.edu:9702/xmlpserver.
 Registering BI Publisher with Enterprise Manager and deploying reports...
 Performing automatic backup of Enterprise Manager using the command :emctl exportconfig oms:.
 Successfully backed up Enterprise Manager. The backup file is located in the INSTANCE_HOME sysman backup directory.
 Successfully setup BI Publisher with Enterprise Manager