You can set and review your Oracke Identity Server setting in the 11g Enterprise Manager console for ODSM by opening the EM console for a server and clicking through to the Identity and Access Server oid1.  Once you’re on the EM page for the Oracle Identity Manager, click on Oracle Internet Directory drop-down, then select Administration, then Server Properties.  If all is well, you change things like anonymous binds and the LDAP ports.  When it’s broken the console will complain about null values that it won’t let you change.  

If you encounter that, log into the host as the ODSM binary owner and move into your $ORACLE_INSTANCE/bin directory – the location of your opmnctl executable.

You’ll need to use this syntax, adjusted for your world:

opmnctl updatecomponentregistration
-adminHost hostname
-adminPort weblogic_port
-adminUsername weblogic_admin
-componentType OID
-componentName compName
-Port non-sslport
-Sport sslport

You’ll end up with a giant string that looks something like this:

opmnctl updatecomponentregistration -adminHost <full-qualified hostname> -adminPort 7001 -adminUsername weblogic -componentType OID -componentName oid1 -port 49200 -sport 49201

When it completes it burps out “Command succeeded”.

Restart your Admin Server and OID processes (opmnctl stopall, opmnctl startall) to pick up the change.