After we upgraded our OMS environment we realized that our Harvester wasn’t uploading data to MOS anymore.  Of course, you say, you just replaced your former ORACLE_HOME with a new home for


1. Download or the latest OCM installer for your environment.  You’ll find a tab for downloading OCM on your front page in MOS.  While you are there you should also download the Quick Start guide.

2. Unzip that file in your OMS home, typically …Middleware/oms

3. cd into ccr/bin

4. Run setupCCR with your CSI number and the same email address you used to configure MOS connectivity in the OEM console

setupCCR -s 12345678

Uploads will now begin in the wee hours of tomorrow morning.  You can find the Harvester Job Status in the Job Activity page in OEM.

Update your environment variables that were set if you previously has Harvester working (ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME).  All prerequisites and a troubleshooting section are included in the OCM Installation and Administration Guide Doc #E48361-02.