The Manage Cloud Control | Agents page was always useful but for quickly identifying EM agent status.  Prior to Release 4 this page had static icons indicating problems with specific agents.  The page contained no hints about why the agents were in trouble, I’d highlight the broken agent’s row and then push the Unblock icon.  There was 50-50 chance that the agent was actually blocked but, as often as not, Resecuring the agent would fix the issue.  Haphazard?  Sure.  Effective?  Most times.

Starting in Release 4 those little trouble icons have some intelligence built into them!


Each trouble indicator has two parts.  The little broken route icon on the left gives you the nature of the problem but, and this is the part I really like, if you press the billboard-carrying-robin icon,  genuine troubleshooting analysis kicks off.


First it tells you what may be wrong and then it checks to see if its hunch was correct.  In this case the agent is unreachable because of a Block Counter mismatch between the agent and the OMS.  OEM has also verified that the problem isn’t with the agent’s upd-wn status. Need proof, OMS says, here’s what I checked and what I found.

In terms of size this is an awfully small physical change in the console, but it reduces the time to resolution significantly by performing the next two steps for you. That’s what automation is supposed to do.  Right?

The next example isn’t as colorful but it’s just as useful for when upload problems exist.