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We’ve had issues with RAC one-node and OEM for a very long time.  One really vexing issue has to do with incorrect instance status after a relocation.

EM12c: Scan Listener Shows Down Status In EM Console After Relocation (Doc ID 1932744.1) has instructions for fixing the issue.  It boils down to this:

There is an OMS parameter called oracle.sysman.db.rac.ReconfigProcessingEnable that is not set under normal circumstances for Real Application Clusters because a OEM doesn’t need to keep track of which instance number is running on which host.  For R1 it’s a big deal.

The process boiled down to this:

On the OMS server, execute:

emctl set property -name oracle.sysman.db.rac.ReconfigProcessingEnable -value true

emctl get property -name oracle.sysman.db.rac.ReconfigProcessingEnable

Bounce the OMS server to pick up the configuration change.

If some of the systems still look like they’re having the instance-awareness problem run a clearstate on the remote host

emctl stop agent
emctl clearstate agent
emctl start agent
emctl upload agent