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After my issues with the patch bundle some of my database targets ended up in an odd ‘Status Pending’ state.  I received this guidance from RachelB on the OTN site for OEM Community at


“The database system target is one of those targets that has it’s status evaluated in the repository.  Normally if the status is not changing, it’s a good idea to check the internal repostory (dba scheduler job) which is responsible for this.

“I have seen this kind of behaviour when the repository job responsible for status evaluation has a problem – you can check like this:-

  • Go to setup/manage cloud control/repository
  • Look at the repository scheduler job status – remember to scroll down this to view all the jobs
  • Check the “Composite Target Availability Computation” job – in particular check the date/time – to check it’s running on time
  • If this job has any problems,
    • Drill down to the repository database
    • Go to Administration/Oracle Scheduler/jobs
    • Look for job EM_REPOS_SEV_EVAL
    • If it’s not running on time stop it
  • After getting  a message that it’s stopped, click on ‘run now’ to re-submit it.”

It worked like a charm!