EM agents can end up in several different error states and each of them have their own error image.  This one popped up in my environment this morning on one agent and all of its targets:


A bounce counter mismatch (represented by the ‘N’ in the icon?) occurs when the agent has been restored from a backup on the remote host.  The agent is trying to upload metric data from timestampX but the repository contains metric data from timestampX+10.


The fix is quite simple from the EM administrator’s point of view: Resynchronize the agent.



The detailed log from the resynchronization job has a list of all the tasks involved:


The Bottom Line:  the agent is completely reset then repopulated from the repository!

Ordinarily the agent uploads its knowledge to the repository database.  This time the repository tells the agent what it should be looking for — targets, plugins, and metric extensions, and pushes that knowledge to the agent.

Resynchronization ensures that you don’t lost any metric data and aligns the collection state between the agent and the repository.  Very nice work Oracle!

In researching this issue I found a great presentation on OTN.  It covers lots of other EM management techniques but the section on agent errors is the best I found: