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The Problem – Missing Target Details

I was evaluating an Information Publisher report containing data about host targets. The report is based on the sysman.mgmt$os_hw_summary view that contains all sorts of information about your hosts.  It is an excellent data source for Information Publisher reports.  Unless the data is missing.

One of my hosts didn’t appear in that view, even though the host’s console page appeared healthy.  Then I looked at the details.  Instead of looking like this:


.. it looked like this:


None of the details related to the host were there!  Regardless of its cause, important data about this target was not known to OEM and my report was incomplete.

The Fix

You can manually collect those missing details by starting from the drop-down on the host’s home page.  Select Last Collected from the Configuration item on the drop-down.


On the Last Collected page,  pull down the Actions menu with its flashy green gear and select Refresh to force the agent to rediscover all the details about the target and then upload that new knowledge into the repository.



After my refresh all of the data appeared on the home page and the host appeared in the report that started this whole event.