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The Job system in OEM provides a flexible and reliable means of scheduling custom activities. This can be particularly handy for managing OEM itself.

Backing up the configuration of your management server is essential for recovery and the Job system is great tool for scheduling it.

Job Creation

Start by creating a Job through Enterprise | Job | Job Library.  Select OS Command from the Create Library Job dropdown.


On the General tab give the job a name and description, then associate it with the OMS server hosting the Admin Server for your cluster


On the Parameters tab

  • Select Script as the Command Type
  • Create a script in the OS Script block from this sample, inserting your own paths and sysman password.  The directory referenced as BU_DIR should be on your shared drive containing the Software Library
  • Enter your command interpreter (/bin/bash in this example)


Associate the job with your appropriate named credential on the Credentials tab.

Create an initial schedule in the Schedule tab. We’ll come back to this page when we run a test later.


Save your new job to the library


Test It

You’ll be returned to the Job Library page.  Click the radio button for your new job and press the Submit button


Go to the Schedule tab and select One Time (Immediate).


Click-through on the job name (OMS BACKUP 1.0 in this example) to follow your progress




  1. Visit the OMS server and verify that file was created where you expected it.  Do this again in a few days to verify that the job is running as scheduled
  2. Check back with the Job Activity  page in a couple days.
  3. Create another job to clean up older backup files